Staying the Same House After Divorce? Things You Need Consider

I know this is a question many divorcing couples will face. If you bought your house in 2006, 2007 or even 2008, you may not have a choice in this matter as the value of your home may be worth less than you paid for it and thats another article for another day.  But if you bought your house prior to the bubble, and there is some equity in it, first of all, congratulations and second of all, what do you do with it?  When it comes to your house and divorce you have three choices as I see it:

Option 1: Stay in it until such time when you both decided to sell
In this case, either one or both of you would live in the house as roommates and share in the care and upkeep of the home.  If you were to live together, you would each come to an arrangement on how both the basic expenses of the home were taken care of, any minor repairs or updates and any capital repairs that may be needed such as a boiler or roof.  In the case where only one of you would live in it until you both deci…

Post Divorce - Tips And Advice

Extramarital Affairs And Divorce Questioning and cross-questioning requires location and valid proofs are presented in the court. Finally, there are some nicely established and skilled legal firms are providing their services to their clientele. And the battle is in no way civilized. If you are able to answer the above questions, it is in your finest interests to at the really least consult with an attorney. Family mediation entails both parties meeting with a neutral divorce mediator who helps the parties operate by way of a divorce settlement. This can be an specially important physical exercise and approach, if you are coming out of an abusive connection. If the innocent spouse is divorcing out of rage, then a second believed is important. But to insure that you dont lose your dwelling or possessions, as effectively as your spouse, you may well need to be better ready than the typical person.

Attitudes to loved ones, marriage and divorce have changed above the final …

Money In Divorce

Keeping a secret fund in case of divorce The division of property during a divorce can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive part of the proceedings. This can be especially difficult in relationships where one spouse is the primary breadwinner and has control over the couple's finances. The other spouse may not even know how much money the couple has and where it all is.

Some divorce professionals encourage both partners to be involved in family finances and even have secret funds tucked away. A secret fund can be filled with money from non-marital assets such as inheritances and previous savings. The fund does not even have to be a secret if a partner is smart in the way the fund is set up. A partner could also elect to make a prenuptial agreement keeping it separate.

However, keeping the fund secret has both its pros and cons. The fund may give one a sense of control over his or her finances. Second, the other spouse will probably not be able to use this m…

Divorce tips for those considering a split: Think About Your Kid!

Divorce tips for those considering a split
Making the decision to file for a divorce can be a difficult one, and it's not made any easier by the uncertainty that some individuals can feel about their decision.

Oftentimes people are not sure what to expect and it can make it a frightening proposition. With all the different problems that an individual can face, sometimes it is hard to know how to prepare. While every case is different, and some are more difficult than others, there are a few common pointers than an individual can use to help their divorce preparation go smoothly.

While financial matters may be important in a divorce amongst those with high assets, financial concerns are sometimes trumped by questions regarding child custody and visitation rights. Determining child custody can be an emotional taxing time, but many experts say that remaining collected and cordial can be helpful. They also suggest taking the feelings of your spouse into consideration. To …